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Barte Foreign Trade is a company based in Eskişehir which adopted the mission of global business. The company carries out export and import transactions with the partners located in Germany, China and İstanbul.

It continues the cooperation with the suppliers it have agreement in product groups of Ceramic, Sanitary Ware, Armature, Bathroom Furniture and Construction Chemicals; adopted the principle of providing the correct product with correct prices to the customers. The company acts as representative of distinguished brands in field of inner and outer decoration located in the country and abroad and it provides services directed to various demands primarily being the projects.

Barte Foreign Trade which represents the Textum Firm which is one of the biggest fabric producers of Germany and Europe in Turkey assumed domestic sale of chairs, bags, armchairs etc. many furniture products and fabrics with different features having number of colour and design variety. Barte Foreign Trade which is centred on trust and ethical approach established on basis of foreign trade experience and network which is gained over the years aspired after carrying out business based on 100 % satisfaction of its business partners.

Barte Foreign Trade works by keeping under control and inspection of each of the Production, Shipment, Export/Import, Warehouse delivery processes together with its suppliers located in the country and abroad. It continues providing service with solution oriented understanding by involving in to the processes. The company continues its commercial activities with the business partners globally and carries out business by taking the trust concept as basis. Barte Foreign Trade which adopted to make business according to the ethical rules is strengthening its relationships with the stakeholders day by day.